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Raven Place

  • Resident
"Hello there, I just want to commend Vince and Horace for being such AMAZING people. Vince recently came and fixed everything that same day, and he even took out my trash!!! I just feel like the maintenance at Raven's are always top notch and don't hesitate to go above and beyond. Just wanted to show my appreciation, please let them know :)"

  • Resident
"Great service as always"

  • Resident
"Good morning Wendy, Placing the check under my door would be fine. Yes, I finally got moved into my new place over the weekend. I have to go back over to my old apartment and throw away all the boxes that got wet from the flood, after I do that I will bring the keys for Raven 218 to you all. I would really like to thank yourself and Adam for your help with this whole situation. I really appreciate the way everything thing was handled by you all. I would definitely recommend Genesis Properties to anyone that is looking for a place to stay in the future."

Village South

  • Resident
"Our resident complimented our whole maintenance team today. She said she has never had this good of customer service. She said she would recommend our property to all of her friends and family.

  • Resident from Swansboro
"First of all I would love to say thanks to the workers here at Village South, they have been so patient with us. They are helpful, trustworthy to us residents, so with that being said and done, Monica, Jennifer & Chris need a lot of recognition."


  • Resident
"Awesome as usual and I am satisfied with the work that was done."

Trolley Station

  • Resident
"Nice job and the work area was left the way it was found"

Ram Cat

  • Resident
"Great timing"

  • Resident
"They fixed our issues so fast and helpful"


  • Resident
"Bruce Kirby did everything perfectly in my apartment. Good service is everything. He is a very nice person."

  • Resident
"Bruce is very nice and he was polite and personable"


Tenant File Review
"During this review, twelve tenant files reviewed for Section 42 program compliance. All of the reviewed files were found in proper order and contained the required paperwork and supporting documentation. My compliments once again go out to management and Ms. Jennifer Adams for their improvement in this particular area."


I inspected Cedar Street and Jefferson Townhomes on August 4, 2011. I want you to know the properties are "well managed and maintained" - Jeremy Kahl, Senior Asset Manager.

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