To Manage and Develop Real Estate for the benefit of the Resident, Employee and Investor in an environment based on Trust, Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Corporate Office

101 West Commerce Road
2nd floor
Richmond, VA 23224


Downtown Richmond Office

101 West Commerce Road
Richmond, VA 23224
877.599.5725 (Leasing Info)

Village South

801 Holly Spring Avenue
Richmond, VA 23224
888.846.6995  (Leasing Info)

Jefferson Townhomes

1951 Venable Street
Richmond, VA 23223
877.852.2682  (Leasing Info)
Celebrating Over 40 Years of Success!


Professional Property Management

Genesis Properties understands the needs of investors and property owners in Richmond. We’ve been improving properties, increasing resident retention, and turning around underperforming facilities for generations. Our experience means a better rate of return for your property management needs.

Options and Selection

A wide range of homes and lifestyles available for our residents. We have access to a wide variety of options to suit your needs!

Investment Protection

We understand the requirements for both residents and investors. Maintenance and updates are key for high-performing properties. We handle all the required details for our investors.

Exceptional Management

We have the local market expertise to manage a diverse portfolio of real estate. Our approach exceeds resident expectations by providing an array of services and amenities that build retention.

Energy Efficiency

We're developing efficient properties that save energy costs, provide features for residents, and help ensure long-term investment profitability.

Location and Amenities

From trendy lofts to comfortable family homes, our portfolio includes diverse properties in targeted locations, ensuring the perfect home for any resident.


We love turning back the hands of time! Whether repurposing preexisting manufacturing facilities or improving existing homes, we are experts at renovations.

Our Vision

– To offer exceptional housing while creating a better (enhancing) everyday life for our residents.
– To inspire and grow our employees to achieve beyond their own expectations and reach their full potential.
– To continuously innovate and look for better ideas and common solutions to problems.
– To earn stakeholder loyalty by living daily our core values.